Are you Millennials coming from Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea & Australia?

Show yourself to the world by joining I-Vlog Competition 2017!

The Winners

The Best Vlog

Artika Salsabillah, SD Negeri 1 BABAT TOMAN, South Sumatera, Indonesia

The Most Inspiring Story

Fadiyya Karamoy, SMP Pembangunan Jaya, Jakarta, Indonesia

The Most Favourite Vlog

Gandes Ken Candra Nafi’ah, SD Negeri 1 Babat Toman, South Sumatera, indonesia

Primary Level (11-12 years old)

The Best Vlog

Ros Sabrina, Cempaka Schools, Cheras Malaysia

The Most Inspiring Story

Bindu Rahmad Horas A, SMP Negeri 1 Sungai Lilin, South Sumatera, Indonesia

The Most Favourite Vlog

Salma Dumadi, SMP Pembangunan Jaya, Jakarta, Indonesia

Secondary Level (13-15 years old)

What Do They Get?

The winners got the privilege to join 2-day I-VLOG CAMP starting from 16 November 2017 to 19 November 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The I-VLOG CAMP is a Vlog training with the experts that will give these young talents the skills and confidence to create stunning and compelling Vlogs.

*Flight and Accommodation during the training was provided by Organizer.

About The I-Vlog Competition

Pejuang Digital and Schoology create The I-Vlog, an International Vlog Competition to improve self-confidence and tolerance among students through digital and creative work. We believe it is our responsibility to develop their talent since they will have an important role to be the future leaders. So, the I-VLOG 2017 is created especially for 11-15 year-old students in Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea and Australia.

We are different, but we all can be fit together! You don’t have to go anywhere to find diversity. Diversity is around us, just look around. Accepting diversity means that we have been able to make the difference into a source of energy for a stronger life . Lets share our Similarities, Celebrate Our Differences.


Create your best Vlog with theme “Me and Diversity”


Upload your vlog to youtube or/and facebook with hashtag #IVLOG2017
(if your are 11-12 years old, use your school/parent/teacher account)


Go to website:, submit your personal information and vlog link before 13 October, 2017


Share your vlog link to your social media with hashtag #IVLOG2017

Please read this requirement carefully:

  • Vlog duration must be 1-5 minutes
  • Your vlog must be uploaded on Youtube and/or Facebook account by using hashtag #IVLOG2017
  • A mobile or professional camera are both accepted for creating your vlog
  • Video Quality is  at least 640p x 480p or more
  • Vlog must be in English, and / or use an English subtitle if using other languages.
  • Vlog must be original and never used in other competition before
  • Vlog does not contain harassment, pornography, or violence
  • You are free to create the video title of your vlog

Our Judges

Tyler Cave

Tyler is an international filmmaker from Victoria, Canada. He founded Tyler Cave Productions, and worked all over the world filming for tourism boards, hotels, tours, and other unique businesses. He is a perfectionist and determined to get the best shot. Whether that be late nights or capturing the early morning sunrise.

Rozy Ghaffar

Rozy is a producer, film maker, and editor who has worked for various documentaries on wildlife, nature and underwater. She has more than a 15 years experience in managing film production. Rozy is currently working for Fact Fiction, producing sport tv series.

This project is a collaboration of: